Freeeedommmmmmm, finnnaaallllyyyyyy!

Howdy, y’all! OK, so maybe that headline is a bit dramatic — or unreadable (translation: Freedom, finally). But for the first time in a year, I feel free. The self-isolation that started March 17, 2020, will finally be over starting April 7, 2021, as I have gotten the COVID-19 vaccination. I got the Pfizer one.Continue reading “Freeeedommmmmmm, finnnaaallllyyyyyy!”

This is … advanced darkness

Hello! Last night, the remnants of Hurricane Laura decided to cause a power outage. Wait, I moved AWAY from the coast. Why am I dealing with a hurricane? (Yes, I know this was nothing compared to what other folks got.) So, there I was, sending my last page, and the power goes out. Slowly. First,Continue reading “This is … advanced darkness”

Staycation off to a rainy start

Hello, hello, hello! It’s the first day of my nine days off. I’m only just over three hours into it, but it’s been interesting so far. I woke up today at 8 a.m. to a thunderstorm. Thunder was so loud that it shook the house. Well, there was no falling back asleep during that, soContinue reading “Staycation off to a rainy start”