Distracted writing

Hello! I hope that this post makes sense today! There is a spider on the ceiling right near me, and I am very distracted by it. I can’t reach it to get rid of it. So, now I’m sitting here, looking up at it every four seconds to make sure it’s not moving. I amContinue reading “Distracted writing”

Getting back on track

Hello, hello, hello. Well, now that this is the last day of my vacation, it’s a good time to get back on track. I fell off the track when I got the news that my last bloodwork results showed that there is something up with my liver. I went to the doctor yesterday, but IContinue reading “Getting back on track”

Eek! A spider!

I am sooooo sleepy today. Here’s why: I was lying in my bed last night, just about to close my eyes, when what should appear dangling from the ceiling above me? A daggone spider. Well, I have this ridiculous fear of spiders. I say ridiculous, because the spider last night was so tiny that anyContinue reading “Eek! A spider!”