Apparently common courtesy is a challenge

Howdy, folks. I’m a little late with the post today. I did the thing where one thing led to another, and before I knew it, it was 1:30. “I’ll get the newspaper” led to “I need to drive the car around the circle for its exercise” led to “I’m going to wash the car inContinue reading “Apparently common courtesy is a challenge”

Can you hear me now?

Hello! Today’s topic just kind of popped into my head for no real reason, which I guess — now that I think about it — is how I come up with most of my topics. As you may already know, I have weird hearing issues. I have been told — not by doctors — thatContinue reading “Can you hear me now?”

Throwback to my quarter-life crisis

Did you know that a quarter-life crisis is a thing? Because I sure didn’t when I was 25. So, here’s a look back at when I made two of the biggest mistakes of my life at that age. If you are approaching 25, maybe this can be a lesson for you. OK, so waaaay backContinue reading “Throwback to my quarter-life crisis”