I can’t believe it

Howdy! Well, I have some great news.

Back in January, I signed up on a wait list in Virginia for the COVID-19 vaccine. It didn’t seem like I would ever get one. And it’s been very confusing as to how to get one.

But last Saturday, I got a call from the local health department. They scheduled my first COVID shot! Virginia opened vaccinations March 1 to the group I’m in — 18-64 with underlying conditions — and my appointment was for March 3!

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous. The only symptom I had was a sore arm. I got the Pfizer vaccine, and so my second shot is in three weeks.

The second shot is the one I’m super nervous about. I know that it’s going to hit me hard. The other part that makes me nervous is that I have to stop my medication for my autoimmune condition.

I’m supposed to skip a dose one week before and one week after (I take my medicine once a week), but I had already taken the week before one. So, I didn’t take this week’s, and I am really worried about that part of it. I’ll take it again next week, then it’s two weeks without my medicine. Eek.

But I’ll be vaccinated!

March 16 will mark one year since I started self-isolating. I’ve been out fewer than 15 times, and 95 percent of that was for doctor’s appointments or the pharmacy.

And more great news: My mom got her second shot yesterday! She had zero symptoms with either shot. So, in just a couple weeks, the vaccine will be at its full strength in her. I’m so happy for her! We’re still going to wear masks and social distance. Hopefully, one day, that will not be something we have to do. But, I’m happy to do it.

My mom and I are making all kinds of plans for after we’re both vaccinated. We are going to go slowly, mainly because I think I may have to take baby steps in getting back out there. We are talking about picnics, fishing, dining at restaurants with outdoor seating and just walking around downtown.

I still can’t believe that I actually got my first shot. I think one reason was that I was researching online back in January to see what the heck I could do to get on a list somewhere. My doctors weren’t really helpful in that regard. I found a list on the Virginia Department of Health website that was just a basic signup. If I recall correctly, it was mainly just a list to be notified of when my group was eligible for the vaccine.

Well, the health department changed things up last month and created a better list. If someone had signed up on the earlier list, they were automatically on the new list. I think the reason I got a call so quickly was because I found the list in January, when it hadn’t — to my knowledge — been in the news or anything.

If you live in Virginia, here is where you can sign up: https://vaccinate.virginia.gov/

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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