Hodgepodge of randomness

Hello! A random slew of things have happened since the last time I’ve posted.

First off, I did get good news. I went to my rheumatologist yesterday. If you recall, last summer I had some bad liver test results. Well, the last two sets of tests turned out fine. So, I’m staying on the same medication. And I found out that I did not gain as much weight as I thought I did over the holiday season. Just five pounds.

And, I found out that yes, I can get the COVID-19 vaccine. And I am so glad! I have to follow some guidelines concerning when I take my regular medication, but that’s OK. I am just so glad I can get the vaccine! I was about 90 percent certain I could, but I had to make sure, of course.

My mom and I are optimistic about taking a mini vacation later in the year after getting vaccinated. We want to go somewhere without a lot of tourists. We’re thinking we’ll go to Marion, Va., again, like we did in 2019. It was such a nice, relaxing vacation. And it wasn’t a million miles away. (My mom and I went to Williamsburg in 2018, and that is a million miles away. We had a ton of fun, but we were EXHAUSTED afterward. I think it was eight hours away, and I did 98 percent of the driving.)

So, that news is out of the way. Onto gross news! Hahaha. Our kitchen sink was clogged, and we were able to get someone out fairly quickly to fix it. The bendy pipe had to be replaced, and for good reason. It was so clogged that there was only a teeny tiny little hole it in for water to get through. But, that pipe was the original that came with the house, so it was there since the 1970s. Dang good run.

We really couldn’t use the sink at all. So, last night my mom and I had a dishless dinner. She made all the food on aluminum foil and we used plastic silverware and paper cups. It was quite amusing, for some reason.

So, I did do something kind of silly. If you recall, I started watching the videos of this group called Viva La Dirt League. They have hilarious videos about a lot of things, but mainly video games. Anyway, their videos really helped me get through last year. So, I bought myself a signed calendar from them. I watched them sign it and all their other calendars on livestream last month. So, I got the calendar today, all the way from New Zealand!

Here is the August one. They signed the front of the calendar. They signed everyone’s birth month in crazy ways.

This particular month shows a scene from their series, “Bored.” Here’s an ep:

So, that was just a fun little thing I did for myself and to show appreciation to these folks who were a brightness during a dark time.

Other randomness, I will share in photos:

Apologies for not writing anything for a while. I was going to on my last weekend, but a bunch of idiots decided to attack the Capitol, so I watched that all day instead. I almost didn’t write anything this weekend either, but the only reason for that this time would have been that I am lazy, and that’s not a good reason.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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