I am so cold. My hands are like ice. The Reynauds in my toes is acting up. My nose is almost numb. I absolutely hate the weather this time of year!

It’s been snowing/sleeting on an off all day today. No accumulation, but blargh anyway. A bunch of my relatives are seeing a ton of snow up North, 15 inches in one case. No thanks. It’s great that I don’t have to worry about driving in it, but there is still the risk of a power outage. That would be really bad, since I work from home. Also, I’d have to ice and shovel the walkways and driveways and NO. Winter is BLAHHHHHH.

My mom baked cookies almost all week last week. Isn’t this pretty:

Clockwise from top: Peanut butter kiss cookies, Welsh cookies, linzer bars, icing sugar cookies, cookie press cookies, butterballs, fudge, Rice Krispie date balls and jelly cookies (apricot and strawberry).

I have limited myself to five cookies a day. Usually, I grab a plateful, so that’s quite an accomplishment for me. My favorites are fudge and the icing sugar cookies. The only ones I don’t like on that tray are the butter balls.

The biggest holiday-related stress so far is that USPS package delivery is at a crawl. My mom mailed a package priority last week, and it was supposed to arrive three days later. It finally got there in seven days. I’m glad it got there, of course. But the stress of only seeing “Your package will arrive late. It’s on its way” as the tracking info — with no indication of where the heck it actually was — made me worried that it was lost forever.

Every item I ordered this year took well over a week to get to its destination. One took three weeks. I get that they are overwhelmed by the number of packages, of course. It’s still frustrating. It’s also a warning to anyone out there right now getting ready to send packages or who are going to order online: Don’t count on it getting there by Christmas.

Oh yeah! One item I ordered was to be shipped from Tennessee to my home here in Virginia. It took a rather crazy route:

I thought maybe they tried to send it to Bristol, Connecticut. What a route this package took. Thankfully, it was OK when it arrived.

I have one final package that is still en route to its destination. It is also stuck in limbo. Hopefully, it will get there before Christmas. And good luck to everyone out there who is shipping anything, and good luck to all the delivery folks out there, because I know it’s not your fault at all. As long as everything gets to its destination, it’s all good.

Since Christmas is next week, you may not get a blog post until the week after. I have to work on Christmas day (I think), so I’ll be really relaxing and trying to celebrate a bit the day before (which I have off).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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