Happy Thanksgiving eve eve eve eve ……..

Howdy, folks. Hoooooweeeeeee, I am still full from yesterday. My mom cooked up her always fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, and I ate wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much, like always.

We had ham (neither of us like turkey), which is made the way my grandma made it, with a ketchup, mustard and brown sugar coating. SO GOOD. And the ham and bean soup that my mom makes with the leftovers is just so amazing as well. I look forward to that.

We also had — all of this is homemade — macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, ham gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and applesauce. We also had Pillsbury crescent rolls.

When I was a kid, I hardly ate any Thanksgiving dinner. I didn’t like anything. And I thought it was gross if one kind of food touched another kind of food. So, if the mac & cheese touched the potatoes, then ewwwww. But now, I like EVERYTHING. So, I ate a little of EVERYTHING. And now I’m still full.

My mom also made apple pie, cherry pie and pumpkin pie. And I made the mistake of eating one small slice of each as well. She also made fancy strawberry jello. I licked the bowl when she made it Tuesday, but I haven’t had a serving of it yet.

My mom usually makes this with orange jello and oranges, but she changed it to strawberry this year because I can’t eat citrus anymore. So wonderful.

But my goodness, it is such good food. My mom is such a great cook, and I’m so lucky to live with her and get to eat the fabulous food she makes.

This year for Christmas, I bought my mom a new curtain and curtain rod for our sliding glass door in the dining room. The one she had had these fabric slats that kept falling off, and it was getting really annoying and ridiculous fixing it all the time. So, the curtain rod came in the mail the other day, and I was able to get all that installed for her. She seems to really like it! It’s much easier to open and close than the last one.

I got all the Christmas decorations out today, and we’ve been putting them up here and there. I can’t believe it’s already almost December. The year has somehow been crazy slow and insanely fast at the same time.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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