Some ramblings

Hiya, folks! I’m on day three of my three-day weekend. It’s been quite relaxing and busy at the same time.

First, our lawn mower broke. It broke before, and we went and got it fixed. Then it broke again, so we said “forget it” and bought a new one this week. The cost would have been more than just getting a new mower. So, I put it together and played with the new toy Tuesday, when it was so warm outside.

Also, my mom and I had been talking for a while about getting a new curtain for our porch door. The one we have has slats, and they keep randomly falling off. So, I bought her a new one for Christmas, and it’s on its way.

Then, after those two big purchases, our microwave decided to break. So, we also had to get a new one of those! So, three big purchases in one week! Crazy.

I noticed something today that I thought was pretty cool. A few years ago, I was in a photo in which my pants were ugh. The rest of the photo was great, but the way my pants fit on me just made it obvious that I was overweight. Well, I noticed today that the same pants fit like they should. So, that is pretty cool.

If you remember, I chopped off a ton of my hair a while ago, and I finally got a photo of myself in which my hair looks OK, so here you go:

The new job is going really well. I’m enjoying it a lot! Fun fact: This company makes graphics that the AP offers to a bunch of papers across the US. I designed one for the Masters. So, if you open up your local paper, there is a chance that a graphic I designed will be in there!

So, since I changed jobs, I currently don’t have insurance. It will take effect in January, but I needed to get my medicine this week. Well, the pharmacy at Walgreens suggested Good Rx. I have seen that advertised on TV, but I figured it was some sort of scam or something. Apparently, it’s not. If I had gotten my medicine without insurance, it would have been $75. Using the Good Rx coupon made it $24. So, that is pretty awesome to me.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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