Catching up

Hey, folks! It’s been a bit of a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been super busy with the new job.

I’ve also been getting used to the hours and my different days off. I am absolutely loving the job, though. I have been mostly training for two weeks, but I’ve been designing papers in Idaho, Wisconsin and Washington state. Pretty cool.

Sadly, this means I’ve gotten a bit off routine with exercise, but as soon as things settle down, I know I’ll get back on track. I’m just not sure where to fit it in yet.

It has been a gloriously warm fall so far. My mom and I did yard work today, and I broke a sweat. It was in the 70s! We had flowers blooming up until a few days ago, when we did have a freeze overnight. But there are still some flowers out there. In November! Crazy.

My brother and sister both had their birthdays on Nov. 3, and, no they are not twins. Born the same day, different years. I remember always being totally jealous that they had that special connection. Now, of course, I think it’s totally amazing that they have the same birthday.

I had to work on Halloween, so I didn’t do much. But I did wear a bunch of different hats throughout the day. Here are some of them:

And we have a new tradition in our house. A few years ago, I bought a banner that was supposed to say “Be Thankful” Well, this is the third year of hopefully many more of hanging the banner that says this:

I am so totally thanankful. How about you?

And last but not least, my mom bought me a fun new pen. Enjoy!

I am thanankful for this pen.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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