Onto the next chapter

Hello! Yesterday was my last day at my job at the local newspaper. I am starting a new job this Saturday, and I’m really excited about it.

I really loved the job I just had, but they were bought out by another company. And that led to being told that my job would be eliminated at some point. I wasn’t really clear on when that would be, but I was told I would have had the job at least through the end of the year. But there were a lot of “maybes” and “probablys,” and I just didn’t trust that the folks at the very top wouldn’t just randomly decide to go ahead and eliminate the job early.

But I didn’t really want to have to quit. And I feel really bad about leaving my fellow copy deskers in the lurch. I know I can’t blame myself, since it wasn’t my fault the job is going away. But I still feel guilty. I hope everything works out for them.

I’m very excited about my new job, though. It’s remote, and that is just fabulous. I absolutely love working remotely, and not just because I have to due to being extremely high risk for COVID-19. It’s so much easier to concentrate and get things done. And I live with my mom, so I get home-cooked dinners most nights. I can use my own bathroom and not some nasty employee one. The commute from my desk to my bed is about three seconds, so that’s awesome as well. I’ve saved money on gas and car insurance. Listening to music helps me concentrate, and I can jam out to whatever and no one can hear me sing. I’m not in a freezing cold office, and I control the thermostat.

So, as I was typing this, a wasp decided it would be awesome to help me out by giving me some exercise. I heard buzzing, and I assumed it was a stink bug — those show up now and then. But no, it was the dreaded wasp. It flew around my desk and the light, then landed on the wall, fell off and disappeared for about 10 minutes. Then I saw it in the door, and well, it’s dead now. I think. It was on the screen, and I pushed the screen up to close it, and the wasp was pushed into the inside of the door. I am assuming it’s squished now. I don’t want to think about if it somehow survived that.

What a jerk.

Onto the ghost story! I’ve kind of mentioned this one before, when I was listing a ton of crazy stuff that’s happened in this house. I’ll start off by saying that anytime something crazy happens, I always try to explain it in a way not involving ghosts. Once, I was lying in my bed in the morning, and the door slowly opened. It scared the heck out of me, until I asked if the fan was on in another room. It was. Not a ghost. Bangs and creaks and such can usually be explained by wind or the fridge being loud or whatever. And there are a lot of times where I go out of my way to find any other reason than ghosts, even when the explanation I come up with is just completely not possible.

But this one time, there was absolutely no other explanation for what happened. All of this happened in about 10 seconds worth of time. I was home alone. I went into the bathroom, which is also the laundry room. I walked over to the washer, and I got this incredibly weird sensation. Then the lights flickered. Then the power went out. Or at least I thought it did. I ran over to the light switch. And I flicked it on. And the light went on. And I realized that the light switch had been turned off. And there was no other explanation. The light switch got flicked off by “someone.” There is no surge protection in this switch to make it pop off on its own. The power did not actually go out.

There is no other light in this bathroom, so when the light goes out and the door is closed, it’s very dark. So, for the next month or so, I would shower with the curtain partially open and my glasses on so I could see the light switch. It was one thing to be standing in the room, able to run when the lights go out. But to be in the shower, then have the lights go out, and it’s dark — well, that’s just a different kind of terror. The lights haven’t gone out since then, thankfully.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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