Might as well be comfy

Hello! I’m so excited because my new chair arrived yesterday. It’s a really nice, big, squishy, comfy chair. And it’s so much bigger than the other one! And more comfortable. For one thing, the armrests are cushioned. The old chair has plastic ones, and my elbows were killing me. This chair already feels better on my back.

New one on left. Old one on right.

My setup at my current job involved me sitting on a couch with a laptop, using an HDMI cable attached to a TV to make the screen bigger. I also got a monitor from work, but they didn’t give me the right cable to hook it up to the laptop. The person who I talked to about getting set up at home literally said “I don’t care” when I asked them if I had everything I needed, so I didn’t get the cable I needed. And I had to improvise, hence the weird setup.

So, now that I won’t be working with that stuff anymore, I am going to be working on my own computer. And since I’ll be sitting there eight hours a day when working, I thought it would be good to get a nice chair.

The best part was that I had to assemble it. I know most people hate that part, but I absolutely love it. I love assembling furniture and other stuff. As long as the instructions are clear, it’s a ton of fun.

Onto the ghost story! (I don’t feel like typing the disclaimer today.) So, when I was a kid, I would watch the show “Unsolved Mysteries.” And with my overactive imagination, this show usually made me uneasy. But one episode in particular, with Robert Stack’s super creepy voice, had me scared for days afterward. It included a story about the Gray Man of Pawley’s Island in South Carolina. It’s the first story here:

Side note: I just watched this again, and it still creeps me out. That voice combined with the eerie music brings back those feelings I had as a kid.

Anywayyyyyyy, I tell you all this just because I had my own experience with a similar ghost. Now, I’m not saying it was the Gray Man, because I was in Myrtle Beach. But one night when I was walking with my family on the beach at night, I felt like we were being followed. It felt like someone was walking RIGHT BEHIND us, and I jerked around, thinking that some stranger was there. No one was there. I turned my head and kept walking, but that feeling didn’t go away. I could hear light footsteps in the sand. I could sense a man, and he was giving us a warning. The sense of dread was incredible and scary. And the next day, we were hit by a tropical storm. It wasn’t much, but I remembered the encounter the next day, and thought that was totally amazing and honestly really cool.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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