Staying put

Hello, hello! As you know, I got a new job and am starting it soon. I have written about how cool is it that I don’t have to move, and I started thinking about all the things I don’t have to do.

First, I don’t have to pack. I don’t have to go out and find or buy boxes and collect newspapers for packing. I don’t have to spend every waking moment I’m not working packing. I don’t have to organize what to pack last so I can still live before moving.

I don’t have to find a place to live. I don’t have to make a deposit for rent or pets or anything else. I don’t have to pay for a rent application. I don’t have to research different apartment complexes.

I don’t have to sell a home or turn in a notice to an apartment complex that I’m moving. I don’t have to pay to have my apartment cleaned or pay a Realtor to sell my home. I don’t have to pay to disconnect or hook up cable, internet, water or electricity. I don’t have to make any calls to do those things, either.

I don’t have to reserve and pay for a moving truck. (Or worry about whether a truck is even available. Last time I moved, I rented with Budget. I made sure everything was OK with the reservation a couple days before I was moving, then was told at the rental office that they no longer rent trucks.)

I don’t have to hire movers and worry about if they’ll even show up. (Last time I moved, the folks showed up to pack the truck, but no one ever arrived to empty it. Thankfully, my sister and her boyfriend helped me unpack the truck.)

I don’t have to find anyone to help me move. My sister and her boyfriend traveled 6.5 hours to help me move last time, and he drove the truck, for which I am forever grateful. Other times I’ve moved, my dad drove the truck.

I don’t have to find new doctors! I don’t have to find a new pharmacy, grocery store or anything else of the sort. I don’t have to learn new laws, ordinances and the like.

I don’t have to fill in a change of address form. I don’t have to go to the DMV!!! I don’t have to register my vehicle and pay fees for that. I don’t have to get new license plates. I don’t have to find where the DMV is or city hall or whatever.

I don’t have to update my contact information for my credit cards, phone company and other bills.

So, to sum up: Yay! Not moving!

Onto the ghost story. (Disclaimer: Don’t believe, don’t say anything, blah blah, don’t comment on how you think it’s nonsense.) I’ve worked in several old newsrooms, and all of them at the very least had impressions. The last place I worked, though, wasn’t very old at all. And yet, there was definitely someone in there. If only one person was there or just a few people, I could hear typing over at a desk that was no longer occupied by anyone. I’d be sitting there, doing my work, and it would start. And it would stop if I got up to inspect the noise. I could also sense something in the room that was, of course, behind me. Once, when I turned around to see what was watching me, I saw a chair move and spin a bit, as if someone had been sitting there and got up. No one was in the room or nearby. One day, something randomly fell in there, and there was no reason for it. The object — I can’t remember exactly what it was — had been hanging on the wall for years. When I would leave after my shift, I could sometimes hear footsteps following me. I was the only person in the building. The only impression I ever got from this presence was that it was a guy. I could never really sense anything else.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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