Going solo

Hello! There isn’t a ton of stuff going on right now that I haven’t already talked about lately, so I’m going to share something random today.

Up until 2018, I lived alone for my adult life. People would pity me for some reason, as if my life would only be whole if I lived with someone. But I absolutely loved it. (I love living with my mom now, don’t get me wrong.)

I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted however I wanted. If I wanted to watch a specific movie or eat at a certain restaurant, I could do that. There was no “Where do you wanna eat?” “I dunno, where do you wanna eat?”

And I don’t want to insult anyone who does live with someone else. It’s just that folks who choose to live alone shouldn’t be pitied or looked down upon.

Anyway, I say all this to talk about the first time I ever went on vacation by myself. I went to Myrtle Beach, where my family had visited once a year when I was growing up. So, it was familiar to me. I stayed in the northern part of the area, Cherry Grove, so it was a ways away from the dangerous parts of Myrtle Beach. And I got an amazing deal at a hotel right on the ocean because it was new, and they were working to get the word out. I stayed on the 17th floor, and the view was amazing.

And I went everywhere I could go. I went to a bunch of childhood places, including this one ice cream place we’d always go to (Kirk’s). I went to new places, like Broadway on the Beach, where I had the best time ever at Ripley’s Aquarium. I was very careful the whole time, and I was never out past dark. I would get up crazy early, go on the beach for a while, go back to the room, get showered and dressed, go out wherever, then get back by 8 or so and chill out. I had an absolute blast.

The next year, I wanted to go to the same hotel, but wow, the prices had shot up. So, I ended up going to a little motel, which was crazy cheap. I just needed a place to sleep anyway, nothing fancy. And I took blankets with me and never even unrolled the blanket or sheets on the bed. But I still had an absolute blast.

Onto to today’s ghost story! (Disclaimer: If you don’t believe in ghosts, stop reading and don’t comment on how you think it’s nonsense.) OK, so I had a dream last night that has prompted me to talk about the lady in white. I am not saying this dream is real or anything, but I had a dream last night that I was in the den, and I dug under the floor and found an old card. It was dated 1934, and it was to a woman who used to live on the property (not in the house, as that wasn’t built until the 1970s, but the property was farmland). The woman was already elderly, as the card was an offer of services to help her. In the dream, I realized that this was the lady in white that my sister and I have seen on the property.

So, I have seen this woman twice. Once in the spookiest bedroom in the house with the most activity, and once outside. I was lying in bed when a lady in white appeared, flickered (best way to describe it, I think) and vanished. She was white all over, with flowing white hair and a white dress and white glow. She was beautiful, and I wasn’t scared of her. The other time was when I was driving home, and I saw her in the yard. The area around her was glowing, as if she was giving off light. She was there long enough for me to turn my head, see her and go “oh my gosh.” Then she was gone. Seeing her is more fascinating than scary.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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