A sense of relief

Howdy, folks. As I announced yesterday, I got a new job. I start later this month, and I am looking forward to it.

There is of course a huge sense of relief in just getting a job after watching the clock tick down to me losing my current job at the end of the year. But there is another sense of relief: I am not moving.

It’s so bizarre. Usually, I get a new job, then scramble to get things set up to move. I would have to call to cancel all services, such as cable, water and electric. I would have to rent a moving truck and find someone to help me move. I would have to find a new place to live, one that accepted cats. I would have to sign a lease. In one case, I had to put my house up for sale. In another case, I had to set appointments to get my apartment cleaned. I had to find boxes and get newspapers for packing. And I had to pack, which is just the worst. In several cases, I had to sell or give away some stuff I had in order to move.

I don’t have to do any of that this time! And it’s such a relief. Since I’m working from home, all I have to do is get my home office organized and set up. That’s it. Normally, I’m spending every waking moment I’m not working packing or making calls or whatever. Now, I’m just doing what I usually do every day. And it’s FABULOUS.

Onto the bonus ghost story. (Disclaimer: If you don’t believe in ghosts, stop reading and don’t comment on how you think it’s nonsense.) I’ve mentioned that I grew up in a haunted house, and I live there now. I am going to share spooky experiences other folks and myself have had in this house. I am not going to identify anyone but me, but if you read this and know it’s you I’m talking about, you’re more than welcome to identify yourself in comments.

I am going to do these as a list:
— Sitting at the computer, felt a hand on their shoulder. Turned, no one there
— Sitting in the den. Loud knocking on the door. No one there
— Standing in the bathroom. Framed cross-stitch flies — not falls — off wall at them
— Large mirror in basement shakes for no reason
— Coffee pot turns on by itself
— Heard my name several times when no one else was home
— Saw eyes looking at me in the basement
— Mirror fell in the bathroom, shattered for no reason
— I was in the bathroom, the lights flickered, went out. Thought the power went out, but the light switch was off
— Door handle turning, door opens, no one there (If I am sleeping in that room, I lock the door because of this experience)
— Loud bangs at night. Search entire house, can find no reason
— Footsteps heard upstairs from the basement when no one is awake
— Computer turns on by itself
— Items that have been sitting in a spot for years just randomly fall (once heard a loud bang, went searching, found that a pole that was in the den, sitting in a spot for years and years, not only fell, but managed to fall quite a distance from its original spot and end up on the floor, blocking the door. At the time, no one had been in the den for at least a month)
— Painting thrown off wall multiple times. Finally got it to stay on the wall after moving it to another room
— Lights on in a room where the lights had been turned off earlier. Frequently happens in the canning room, which we don’t use that often, and my room
— Rocking chair rocking on its own
— Hand felt running through hair with no one else in the room
— Bed shaking, then feeling like someone sat on the bed
— Smell of smoke — like cigarettes or a pipe — when there is no smoke. Right before typing this, I smelled wood smoke in the den

I know there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now. Every time something happens, I always try to explain it away, but there are just too many things and too many occurrences to explain it all away. I hope you are enjoying these ghost experiences. I’m enjoying sharing them!

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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