Guess what, guess what, guess what

Hello, hello, hello! I apologize for not writing a few blog posts over the last month or so. I can finally tell you why. I was a bit depressed because I couldn’t find a job, but I was also hitting the job search hard.

And I got a job yesterday! I was waiting on the news before work yesterday, hence no blog post. I am not going to go into detail, but I will say that it’s a remote job doing what I love doing: newspaper page design.

Thank you so much to all the folks who helped me out, from giving me job tips, being a reference or offering encouragement. I needed it all, and I very much appreciate the help. The ticking clock to losing my job at the end of the year is gone. And it’s such a relief! First thing I’m going to do is buy myself a comfy office chair. I’m so excited!

And I got brave enough to take a photo of myself with my hair chopped off, though I absolutely am wearing a hat for the pic:

See? Chopped off. And I want to point out that I did this myself, hence it doesn’t look great. Feels good, though.

Onto the ghost story! (Disclaimer: If you don’t believe in ghosts, stop reading and don’t comment about how ghosts are nonsense.) I used to live in Beaufort, S.C. I have to drive home in the pitch black darkness there. There weren’t any streetlights where I had to drive, and it was so late, there wasn’t much traffic. So, the only lights were my headlights.

As I was driving home one night, I got a really uncomfortable feeling. Then I saw it: A black mass at the side of the road, that was moving toward the road, and unfortunately for me, right at my car as I passed. I was engulfed by an overwhelming feeling of terror. It was already dark, but somehow it got darker in the car. There was a heaviness in the air.

Thankfully, I was almost home. I was shaking with fear. Whatever this was, it stayed in the car, then followed me to my apartment building. It very slowly dissipated as I walked up the stairs. I felt such a sense of relief that it was gone, because it was definitely not good. Floating black masses are definitely bad. I can still picture it, and it still sends shivers down my spine.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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