Unexpected accomplishment

Howdy! It’s been a pretty fun weekend so far with lots of little things — and one big one — going on. I’m going to start off with the smaller stuff and end with the big one.

First, I had a lot of fun last night playing a game online with friends. The game, Among Us, is wicked fun. (If you haven’t heard of it.) I played with a streamer on Twitch, and I had a blast. You have to know about the game to get this: At one point, I was the imposter. I killed someone, and at the meeting after the body was found, I listened as all the other folks accused each other. Eventually, I won the game (with the other imposter), and I never had to say a word. It was just hilarious. I am hoping to play again today!

Speaking of games, I downloaded a classic: Commander Keen. I played that one last night on stream. I actually remembered the cheat code somehow. The funniest part was how bad I am at it right now. I was so good at video games as a kid, now I’m old and terrible at them. But all that matters is that I’m having fun, and I totally am. (Thanks to all the folks who have followed me on there! I currently have 11 followers. I have to have 50 to get affiliate, which means I could make money. So, stop on by and follow!)

Onto job news: Unfortunately, I did not get the one job I applied for a newspaper design hub. A cousin pointed the job out to me, which I am super grateful for. I think that I was just too late to the party. But another friend pointed out a job that I applied for yesterday. It’s a contractor position. I think if I can get three or four contractor jobs, that may be enough for me to survive on. If I didn’t have to pay the insane amount we all do for health insurance, then I’d be OK with just two jobs. But insurance is way more expensive than it needs to be.

Speaking of contractor jobs, here is the big thing that happened this weekend: I am now a paid writer. I am a columnist, and my first column is here. I am very excited to be doing this! And I can’t believe it. Me, getting paid to write. I never thought that would be a thing that would happen. I need to really get the ball rolling on this book I’ve been working on. Getting something published is just the boost I needed to maybe realize that I am not terrible at writing.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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