Stressful side effect

Howdy, folks. I’m writing this post extra early today because I woke up early. I am currently thinking that I should not be writing this yet, as I have not had my coffee. But, I’ve already started, so here goes nothing.

So, I have been dealing with hair loss. It all started at the beginning of 2017. I thought that I seemed to be losing hair, but I wasn’t really sure. Then I got a haircut, and the hairdresser asked if it was normal for that much hair to be coming out. I said yes, but the answer was really no.

So, I did some research and discovered that hair can fall out three months after a stressful event. Well, I was already dealing with the stress of losing my father in 2016, and three months before the hair loss starting, Hurricane Matthew hit. So, those events — plus the medication I’m on, methotrexate — combined to start the yearslong on-and-off cycles of hair loss.

When I went in for my regular appointment with my rheumatologist, he dismissed it. “Do you know how many people today have complained about hair loss?” Well, I don’t give two craps about those people. I’m a woman in my mid-30s, and my hair is falling out! So, the only thing he recommended was that I take biotin, which I have been doing since then. I also use shampoo and conditioner with biotin. All that works OK but not great.

After three months of hair loss, it stopped. And I was so relieved. But it would start up again and again. Any kind of major stress triggers it now. When I moved in with my mom and had a good job, it stopped for a year. My hair started growing back, and it was looking OK again.

But then, the pandemic. Then my cat got sick and died. Then I got told that I was going to lose my job. Family and friends were having rough times, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m stuck in my home. That amount of stress was just too much, and now my hair is falling out worse than ever. I can run my fingers through my hair, and I will have 50 hairs on my fingers. I woke up the other day, and there was a clump.

Honestly, I am SO GLAD that I am working from home. In my opinion, when a man loses his hair, it’s “Oh, he’s getting older.” When a woman loses her hair, it’s “Oh god, what’s wrong with her?” I hate it. I suppose it’s some sort of karma for picking on my dad and brother for their hair loss.

I used to complain about my hair. It was SO thick. Now, it’s definitely not. And all the hair loss is just gross — not the appearance, but the fact that there is hair everywhere but my head. The shower keeps clogging, the sink needs to be cleaned every day, I have to use a lint roller on the bed and my vacuum is probably going to get clogged too.

You know what I really, really want to do? Shave my head. I just want it all gone. I don’t go out. I have hats. You can’t even tell I have hair now when I put on a hat and pull my hair back. I’m not really sure what’s stopping me, to be honest. I would hope that if I did shave my head, I’d be brave enough to record it. I know that the end results would never be like this lady, but I love this video:

I think she looks amazing with a shaved head — I mean, maybe not in the still frame before hitting play, hahaha.

So, don’t be surprised if one day soon I post a video with me shaving my head. I don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough, though. On a side note, my hair is also turning gray. See, that I absolutely don’t care about. I would happily walk around with gray hair. But my hair falling out is just the worst.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


3 thoughts on “Stressful side effect

  1. I had bad hair loss with methotrexate, and it didn’t stop until I went off the medication. It’s a drug that has documented evidence of causing hair loss! Despite that evidence my doc told me the low dose of MTX I was on would not cause my hair to thin, and that I too should take biotin to keep my hair. It didn’t work….nothing did, and I finally cut it in a super short pixie. After I went off MTX it took about a year for my hair to fully thicken back out.

    Right now a shaved head for women is considered quite stylish, so if there were ever a time to do so, this is it!

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