Vote, vote, vote!

Howdy, folks. I was reminded yet again today online to vote. And yes, vote! It’s very, very important.

Today’s message was on Google. And Instagram, Facebook and all other social media platforms yell it in my face every day (like I did in today’s post title). My mom is getting three or more political calls every day. I thankfully haven’t gotten any of these — yet. All the calls are driving her crazy. Some are real, some are scams. She answers the phone because it’s a house line and doesn’t do caller ID too well.

And of course the airwaves are overflowing with political ads. And there are political signs everywhere. And everyone is pushing for me and others to vote for their candidate. Well, I wish there was some way for everyone to know: I already voted. I voted the other day. So all the ads, signs, calls, stickers, mail and screaming from the streets isn’t going to change anything for me. I voted. It’s done.

I did mail-in voting, and the ballot came with a sticker! I was almost more excited about the sticker than voting.

Also, I have to say that all the ads, signs, calls, stickers mail and screaming from the streets is not going to convince me to vote for any candidate. Their stance on the issues is. In fact, if you’re inundating me with all that, that is a strike against you. I am not trying to be political with this next statement, this would be annoying no matter who these people were screaming for. Earlier this month in Fairfax, Va., people were outside a polling place screaming for their candidate. Here is the story. I will tell you right now, if I were on the fence AT ALL, this would push me in the other direction. This would NOT convince me in any way, shape or form to vote for whomever you’re screaming for.

So, yes, I voted the other day. I know that there have been a lot of stories about not voting by mail because of slow delivery and such. But it’s September, so I’m hoping that it’ll be OK. I actually prefer to vote on Election Day because you never know what could happen — someone could drop out, for example. But I didn’t want to risk anything with the pandemic.

Now, I usually don’t reveal how I have voted because I don’t wanna. Nyah. But, the one thing that I was really wicked excited to vote on was the Bristol casino. It’s been talked about for a couple years now, and I was very excited to vote FOR it. Yes, I very much support the project. Bristol, Va., needs a massive financial boost. I found that the interesting thing about this proposal is that it doesn’t seem to be partisan. I see signs supporting the casino in yards that have Trump signs and in yards that have Biden signs.

I do apologize for the slightly political post. I do not like talking politics at all. But it’s extremely important to vote!

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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