Look all around, there’s nothing but blue skies

Good afternoon, everyone! I finally got a chance to sleep in today, and it was glorious. And it’s a beautiful, cloudless day today!

You may recall that I wrote a post recently about how difficult it is to hire contractors. My mom was trying to get someone here to trim three trees. Well, she finally found someone who gave a great quote, but they kept delaying and delaying and delaying. My mom wondered if maybe they gave too low of a quote and didn’t want to do the work. Anyway, they finally came today, six weeks after the quote. So, it’s done!

Best part for me is that I’ll have fewer leaves to deal with when they all start falling. Yay!

It is a really beautiful day outside. I was able to take a bike ride. It’s a little cool for my liking, but it’s not freezing. I’ll enjoy it while it’s here, because winter is on its way and ughhhhh. But it’s countdown to October, and I’m looking forward to doing spooky-themed blogs for a month.

I’m still streaming on Twitch. Check me out here. I have 10 followers right now, so 40 to go before I can start possibly making money. I’ve talked to a few people from around the world, which is still so cool. Strangely enough, now that I’m doing so much — the blog, exercising, looking for a job, working my current job, etc. — I have to squeeze in the streaming when I can. It’s weird to me that my schedule is full, and I’m so glad it is!

Well, I’m going to end the post here, as I want to try to enjoy the weather today. Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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