It’s that time of year again

Howdy, folks. It’s that dreaded time of year again. It’s the time when I get my flu shot.

First off, I want to say that I 100 percent recommend getting a flu shot. I have been getting a flu shot for 19 years (except one year when I was too poor to afford one, and my insurance wouldn’t cover it).

When I get a flu shot, it’s an ordeal for me. I have to plan ahead. If my work is offering a flu shot clinic, I absolutely have to take that day off from work. If I can get it outside that clinic or there isn’t one, I have to get the shot on my day off.

Here’s why: It hits me hard. When I get the shot, I can feel it going through my body, hitting each joint. Then, I start to feel awful. They say that you’re supposed to stick around for 10 minutes or so after getting the shot, but I get the heck out of there, especially if I’m the driver. I go straight home, and I drink a lot of juice the whole day. (My mom is taking me to get it this time, just as she’s done the past two years.)

It pretty much feels like I have the flu coming on. It’s a feeling of general blahs, achiness, fatigue and light-headedness. It usually lasts for about 24 hours. Last year, though, it lasted longer, and I had to call in sick to work.

Oh, and the arm pain! The injection site always is so painful. A few years ago, it got crazy hot at the site. It was so hot, it had a fever. I probably could have fried an egg on it. I definitely can’t lie on my arm for many days after the shot.

So, why do I get the shot at all? Well, it’s been recommended by all my doctors — one of the few things they actually agree on when it comes to my condition. I would MUCH RATHER feel kind of ugh for a day or so than get the flu! On a misery scale of 1-10, with the flu being a 10, the reaction I have is a 2. Also, since I have an autoimmune condition that I take immunosuppressants for, the flu could quite literally kill me.

My mom got the flu shot a few weeks ago, and all she had was some mild discomfort at her injection site. And she got the heavier dose, since she’s in her 70s. This is the typical reaction to a flu shot, in case you are reading my issues and going “Oh, god, why would I ever want to get a flu shot?” My reaction is extremely atypical. In fact, there are people who have autoimmune conditions who don’t react the way I do at all. I’m just super lucky. But, honestly, it’s fine. I don’t mind it that much, and I’m really used to it. I’m just glad there is a flu vaccine at all.

So, there is a chance that I might not be able to post a blog entry tomorrow. I don’t know how well I will feel. But, hopefully I will feel well enough to just sit in front of a computer and type!

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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