Busy, busy, busy!

Howdy, folks! I’m so busy today that I almost forgot to write a post. So, this will be short, as I haven’t eaten yet, and I need to take my meds!

First, my shoulder is doing MUCH better today. It’s just sore from being so inflamed yesterday. But I can lift my arm again, which is a great relief. I really hate it when my shoulder gets like that. It makes daily activities nearly impossible to do. This is probably TMI, but pulling up my pants was a rather difficult chore.

I assembled and worked out with the new exercise equipment I got! It was really easy to assemble. (I super enjoy assembling things, though.) And it offers a lot of different exercises and came with training videos! Pretty awesome.

Don’t worry, after the photo op, I put on exercise clothes. I did not work out in pajamas.

It is so crazy to me how busy I have been this last week or so. I haven’t had time to do some thing I have wanted to do, BUT I am not complaining. I am so glad to not be just sitting around on my butt all the time. I tell you what, making the decision back in June to start exercising, dieting, write a blog, be at least a little social and everything else was just such a good thing to do!

While I am still having bouts of depression and a lot of anxiety, I am feeling a thousand times better than I did — physically and mentally — before I started all this. I have actually felt really happy this past week, and I genuinely had almost forgotten what that felt like. A heartfelt thanks to everyone out there who reads my blog, has talked to me, offered me advice, given me jobs tips, gifted me items related to my journey and just supported me throughout all this.

And I apologize to anyone who has messaged me this week, and I have not responded. I do the annoying thing that people do: Read messages or texts or whatever, think “OK, I will respond later,” then never respond. I am very sorry about that! I am going to go through all those messages as soon as I have some time. Please don’t stop sending me messages! I am not ignoring you, I promise.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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