Never enough hats

Howdy, folks. I may not like autumn very much, but Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. I am looking forward to most of my blog entries in October being about ghosts, things that go bump in the night, scary movies, Halloween memories, but mostly HATS.

Hats? What? Why hats? I love hats. About 10 years ago or so, I got a drastic haircut, as I’m sure everyone everywhere has done in an attempt to dig themselves out of depression. Well, I one day, at Walmart, I found a hat. And I tried it on. And I absolutely loved how it looked with that haircut.

And that was the beginning of my hat obsession. I wish that I could afford to buy all the hats. I would have sooooo many more, but oftentimes, a hat will be $30 or more, and I can’t afford that. So over the years, I’ve collected what hats I could. Including Halloween hats, I have a few dozen hats, I think. And, today, when my mom got home from getting groceries, she was wearing this gem:

Maybe some people won’t notice a difference …

And yes, while not technically a hat, it’s still something that is worn on the head, and it’s so fun. And it lights up, hahaha. So, I guess now I’m counting down the days until Halloween. But, I’m also counting down the days until I start sharing more hat pics with you, starting Oct. 1. By the time Halloween rolls around, you’ll have seen all of my fun hats. Teaser: One of them is a taco hat.

On a completely different note, I watched “Biography: I Want My MTV” last night on A&E, and it was really fascinating. I mean, I know what MTV is, I remember watching it growing up, mostly by sneak watching it, as I was not allowed to watch it. I know that it’s crap now, in my opinion, but I know it used to be amazing. I didn’t know the whole history behind it, and this show delves into that. It looks at what led to the creation, how it became popular and how much it rocked before Viacom bought it and ruined everything. So, if you can watch it online or on TV or whatever, I recommend it.

It did remind me of how sneaky I had to be to watch the channel. I remember that the first video I remember seeing was Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” which is still fun to watch. One show that I regretted sneak watching was “Aeon Flux.” My fragile little mind was really warped by that animation, and I don’t think I had ever been more confused in my life, hahahaha. And just for funsies, here you go:

Well, I got a crazy late start today, as I overslept. So, I’m ending this here. Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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