One heck of a challenge

Hey, everyone. If you read my post yesterday, you’ll know that I had a project planned for my weekend. Well, I did it! Or should I say, I did it with help from my mom.

We have a freezer that we no longer use. It was great when there was a whole family to feed, but now that’s it’s just the two of us, it’s a waste of electricity and space. So, two months ago, I turned it off, cleaned it out and let it dry out. Then I tried to move it outside. Nope, nope, nope. The freezer isn’t actually that heavy. There was a much larger issue.

The Freezer That Shall Be a Pain in the Butt to Move

You see, the freezer is almost exactly the width of the door frame — without the freezer door. When it was delivered, I am assuming the door was not attached yet, and it was assembled afterward. The door is not currently removable, as there is a tube that connects the door to the main part of the freezer. I have no idea how to remove it without breaking it. Also, we had a new screen door installed, which added a lip to the door frame.

The reason I wanted to get this outside is because it was in my room. It wasn’t too much in the way, but it was in front of my closet. My closet has winter clothes in it, so it was now in the way, and I really needed to get the freezer out of the way before it gets cold out.

So, I had to figure out how to get the freezer out the door with the door open. And since this used to be a garage, the door to the outside has a huge bump. So I had to get the freezer over that. All this involved removing the wooden door and part of the screen door.

The door that I had to remove. The super narrow door that a freezer somehow fit through 15 years or so ago

OK, so I remove the door and door bits. I get everything all set to push this thing outside. My first of many mistakes was pushing it out the door the wrong way. I wanted to put the freezer door outside first, then pivot the freezer outside. Well, that sure didn’t work. The door frame is too wide from the inside to the outside. So, I had to bring the freezer back in and turn it around. One thing that I had to do the whole time was go in and out a different door to be able to push and pull the freezer. So, that was fun too.

Pivot! | Friends tv show, Friends episodes, Friends tv

So, OK, here I was, all set to get it right this time. It started out OK. I got half of it out the door, and I got part of it over the annoying bump. I was getting excited. And then, tragedy. Aggravation. Cursing. Rage. The blasted freezer got STUCK. Bad stuck. The plastic part at the bottom of the freezer got trapped in between the screen door and the lip in the door frame. I have NO IDEA how it happened, but I absolutely could not get the freezer outside or back inside.

LOOK AT THIS NONSENSE. This is about the time that I wanted to take a sledgehammer to the freezer. And the door. And the ground.

It was at this time that I almost gave up. I definitely needed help, so I asked my mom to help me figure this out. I wanted to remove the plastic part, but it was screwed on, and one of the screws was pretty much right where the shadow is on the plastic part in the photo. It was in between the freezer and the door frame. No room for a screwdriver. And yes, I would have removed it from the start if I had even thought about it. I removed a door for crying out loud! &#*$&*(#%&*$(#&%($*

So, Mom, with her level head — mine was in rage mode — decided to try to remove the plastic part anyway. She unscrewed the side that was reachable. And then … it twisted! The annoying plastic piece of aggravation popped out of its stuck position. Oh, but wait, it’s not over yet. The freezer door came off its hinges. You might think “Oh hey, the door is not in the way anymore!” That is what I thought for a brief moment, until I realized that no, it’s still attached only by the tube. So, now we have to play balancing act with this door, because we couldn’t get it back on in that moment.

Then after more maneuvering that involved a skateboard and a dolly, we finally got that dang thing out the door. Then, after all that, we had to get the freezer door back on, and of course, it wouldn’t cooperate. I was losing strength, sweating to death. My glasses kept almost falling off my face, and sweat kept getting in my eyes. The sun was bearing down on us as if it were only feet away from us. As we both were about four seconds away from giving up, we finally got that door back on.

I would love to know what it feels like to have the patience Mom does. Because she was there, sweating as much as me, getting aggravated — but making jokes. Laughing. Staying calm. Meanwhile, I had to put all my concentration on not swearing, not punching the freezer and not yelling at mom (who would not have deserved it in any way, shape or form). I definitely inherited my dad’s temper. And sometimes, it sucks.

Anyway, after much frustration and chaos, we finally got that dang freezer outside and ready for pickup. Now, we have someone lined up to get the blasted thing. They were supposed to pick it up a couple months ago. They now have two weeks. After that, I’m going to probably just give it away to whoever wants it.

Look, it’s outside!

One cool thing, though, is that while I was sweating to death, I am not actually tired. The exercise over the last couple months really paid off. When I first tried to move the freezer then, I almost died, and I was exhausted for the rest of the day. Not this time. This time, I still have energy after all that. And I am making dinner tonight and helping my mom out any other way I can for her helping me with the freezer.

If you would like to see the some of the chaos in video, check out my Insta story.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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