Apparently common courtesy is a challenge

Howdy, folks. I’m a little late with the post today. I did the thing where one thing led to another, and before I knew it, it was 1:30. “I’ll get the newspaper” led to “I need to drive the car around the circle for its exercise” led to “I’m going to wash the car in the rain” led to “Oooh! A kitty!” led to “I need to take out the garbage before it starts raining again” led to “Oh, Mom is working in the yard, I’ll help her” led to — what I really want to talk about — “Oh, lovely, dog crap.”

Yes, we have new neighbors. I guess they have lived here about a year, so they are not THAT new, but they are still pretty new to us. And they have cats and dogs. The cats roam everywhere, and I fear for them. I like petting them, but I would rather they were indoor kitties where they would be safe. And the neighbors let their dogs roam to poop. And do they pick up after them? NO.

So, today, my mom was working out in the yard, and ran over some dog crap with the wheelbarrow. And guess what? I was walking around barefoot. Because, you know, it’s my dang yard, and I like walking around barefoot. Well, I had to go put shoes on because the neighbors apparently have no common courtesy. Then I had to walk around the yard in search of dog crap to get rid of.

And we have other neighbors who let their dog bark for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. That dog never gets any attention, and the whole freaking world knows it. So, the entire time I was outside today — around two hours — I was listening to that dog. And when I got up today at 10 a.m., it was barking. It stopped when it started raining, then started up again. Guess what? It’s still barking. It rarely shuts up.

If you have dogs, CLEAN UP AFTER THEM. TAKE CARE OF THEM. PLAY WITH THEM. FEED THEM. GIVE THEM WATER. DON’T LET THEM BARK ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. DON’T LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR. I do not understand why anyone would get a dog if they aren’t going to take care of it. I had cats. I trained them, as much as cats can be trained. I scooped their poop. It was gross, but it’s something that goes with owning a cat.

Photo by Chevanon Photography on
Awwww, cute dogs.

Sorry for the gross topic, but my mom and I are livid about it. We do not own any animals, yet here we are, scooping up gigantic pieces of poop with a snow shovel. And yes, we tossed the poop in their yard.

When I lived at an apartment complex in South Carolina, dog crap was EVERYWHERE. I had to walk through grass to get to my apartment, and often it was dark when I did so. I would step in dog crap so much that it became a habit for me to check my shoes every time I got to my door before going in. Finally, after enough people reported the sea of poop that was everywhere — seriously, I could stand in one spot and easily count 20 piles of poop within my sight — they cracked down. And it helped. But it should not have been an issue to begin with. The apartment complex had dog poop stations, with bags and trash cans. But even that was too complicated for so many people.

And as I’m typing this, speaking of common courtesy and pieces of crap, the jerk who likes to drive with his music so loud it shakes our house is driving around right now. I hope his eardrums explode.

So, I’m going to go cool down now, because I’m sure you can read the anger in this post.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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