This is … advanced darkness

Hello! Last night, the remnants of Hurricane Laura decided to cause a power outage. Wait, I moved AWAY from the coast. Why am I dealing with a hurricane? (Yes, I know this was nothing compared to what other folks got.)

So, there I was, sending my last page, and the power goes out. Slowly. First, it kind of just powered down a little — enough time for me to go “nooooo!” Then, it was out completely. There I sat in the light of the laptop, with no way to work, as the internet was out as well. I had to call into work and tell them what was up. Thankfully, I was done with the biggest part of my job for the night. I do worry, though, that this will be used as a reason to make me work back at the office. I fear that, because I know that I would never be able to concentrate. I would constantly be thinking about COVID-19.

Anyway, I was downstairs, and my mom was upstairs. I had to take care of my work situation before going up to see if she was OK. We were both just a bit nervous because the storm was still hitting. But we got out the flashlights and candles. We turned off anything we could remember as being on. Then we waited.

All we could hear was thunder and pouring rain. After that stopped, it was SO QUIET. We looked outside, and it was just so dark and eerie. The power outage was widespread — more than 8,000 people with no power, which is about half the population of the city — so there wasn’t even any light in the distance. And really boring. We got so bored that we started throwing stuff at each other for entertainment. We talked, of course. But as the time neared my mom’s usual bedtime, we realized that the power wasn’t coming on anytime soon. We resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably wouldn’t get much sleep. We both use fans to sleep, and of course that wasn’t going to happen.

While we were waiting, the power tried to come back on three times. It was really bizarre, because it was like it was halfway on. All the lights were really dim. Other electric items, like the fridge, were grunting to try to work. And then, about two minutes into that each time, the power would go out again. We were worried that something was going to malfunction or break because of it.

My mom went to bed, and I went to my room. Now, it was even more boring. I decided I would read a book by flashlight to try to relax a bit before attempting to go to sleep. Just as I had picked a book and opened it up, the power came back on. The power was out more than three hours. Full lights this time. And the first thing I did was plug in my phone to charge. Then we went around the house turning things off and making sure everything was OK. Now, of course I know that three hours isn’t that long to be without power, and we’re very thankful for the folks who got it back on.

I’ll have to wrap this up here, as I have to get started working earlier today to make up for last night. Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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