Summer is the BEST season

Hello! I know a lot of folks probably don’t agree that summer is the best season. But it’s my favorite, and it’s probably mainly because I HATE winter.

I am already thinking about how much I’m going to miss the summer weather. I love being able to wear shorts and a T-shirt at any time, day or night, and be perfectly comfy. For me, it’s a million times easier to cool down that to warm up. I also love listening to the birds, not worrying about ice or snow and just plain being comfortable pretty much all the time.

Now, I know a lot of people don’t like the heat. And yeah, too much heat can be awful. But if I get hot, I take a cold shower and turn a fan on afterward. Boom, I’m comfy. For me, I get cold super easily — partly because I did lose some blood vessels when I was sick at age 19 and partly because that’s just how I am.

Here’s one for you: While there is air conditioning in my house, there is no air conditioning in my room. It used to be a garage, and no vents were ever added to the room. I have a baseboard heater for the winter, but just fans for the summer. And you know what? I am really happy about that. My mom turns on the AC in the rest of the house, and I freeze to death outside my room. I’ve even been cold in my room this summer. Yep, that’s right. I was cold in a room with no AC in the middle of summer when temps were in the 90s outside. I had to get under blankets and put on slippers.

I mean, because of all that, you can understand why I hate winter. If I get cold in the summer, imagine how I am in the winter. I have Raynaud’s in two of my toes and two of my fingers. It’s mild, but it still sucks. It doesn’t show up in the summer at all, but in the winter, it’s awful. My arthritis also acts up in the winter.

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Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, winter is the worst.

And I hate hate hate hate having to wear layers. I hate it! SO MUCH! Oh, there’s an itch on your back? Well, too bad, because you can’t reach it with 47 layers of clothes on! And because I get cold so easily, I have to wear so many layers. When I was going to work, it was so cold in there that I was wearing long john’s. So, I’d have on that layer, plus a sweater, and I’d end up having to keep my coat on too. I would have to wear two pairs of socks. And I’d usually end up keeping my hat on, and I’d definitely have to wear gloves. I also had a blanket in my desk just in case. I hate all of that. (I mean, even in the summer in the office I have to wear a coat because I’m so cold. I have enjoyed working from home and being warm all the time.)

And I hate snow and especially ice. I hate driving in that nonsense, and I hate worrying when there is a bad storm. I had to stay the night at work once because I knew there was no way I would be able to get to work the next day because we were expecting a massive snowfall. And I make the right choice, but boy did that suck. Then I had to drive home after work, and my road wasn’t even plowed. That was just so fun. I’ve driven in snow and ice a bunch of times, and I HATE IT. It’s awful. It’s terrifying. And other people usually don’t know how to drive in it AT ALL. But in the summer, the worst thing is a thunderstorm. And yes, those are terrifying to drive in as well. But, usually, I can wait for a storm to pass and then drive. I sure can’t do that when there is a winter storm.

I am not a fan of autumn, either, because that means winter is next. Now, autumn is pretty and can be very nice, and it has my favorite holiday: Halloween. But, autumn means wearing socks. Autumn means wearing a jacket or a coat. Autumn means not knowing what the heck to wear because it’s 75 degrees during the day and 45 degrees at night. Or it’s 75 degrees and sunny, but there is a cold as crap wind that makes it feel like 45 degrees. And so you wear a jacket. Then the breeze stops, and you melt. So you take off the jacket. Then the breeze comes back. And so on, until it’s just easier to stay inside. And most of that applies to spring, too. But I do enjoy spring because it means summer is coming! And you can hear the birds singing, see the trees getting buds, watch the flowers start to grow, and know that soon winter will be long gone.

So, to sum up: Summer is my favorite season, followed by spring, fall and winter, because winter is the absolute WORST. Booooo, winter.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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