Walking in a memory wonderland

Hello, folks! I am doing well on my weight loss. I am now below 200 pounds! I am SO happy about that. Yesterday, I went for nice walk to the local park, and I was hit by some memories.

Well, my dad and I walked in that park a lot. It was always fun because it was just me and him, and there was never anyone else around. But those memories aren’t the only ones I had. A stump — yes, a stump — triggered some really fun memories. When I was in fifth grade, I had an AMAZING teacher. Now, normally in this blog I don’t name folks just in case they don’t want to be identified, but in this case I will. My fifth grade teacher was Mr. Marler, and he was one of the best — if not the best — teacher I ever had.

I actually think this is a beautiful stump.

Mr. Marler was such a fun teacher. Our class would learn by doing in his class. He taught us how to make pasta from scratch, make soap, write calligraphy, play bridge, and — among SO MANY other things — how to cut down a tree. Now, the stump I found may or may not be from the tree we cut down. I thought it was, but I am really not sure. But our class was out in that forest, using old-fashioned saws and ropes to cut down a dead tree.

Now, one other really cool thing Mr. Marler did was give all of us a video at the end of the year of so many things we did throughout the year. I still have that video! Although, apparently in 1996 I didn’t use my brain and decided to record over part of it like a big dummy. So, the tape is most of fifth grade and an episode of “Friends.” Little did I know that 24 years later, the show would still be shown in reruns, apparently for all eternity. But, look! It’s me cutting down the tree! Sorry for the poor video quality. I mean, it is a 28-year-old VHS tape.

Me (right) and a classmate working on cutting down the tree! Aren’t I adorable?

So, I am late today with this blog post and running way behind schedule because I spent the morning watching the tape. There was one part where we were learning how to make the pasta, and a bunch of us got a chance to crack an egg and put it in the mix. I remember being really eggcited to do that because my mom had taught me how, and I was really good at it. And I did an eggcellent job! Hahaha

But here’s one I did not remember. Apparently Mr. Marler baked us some cupcakes, and there was a bean in two cupcakes. There was a separate batch for the girls and boys, and whoever found the beans would be king and queen for the day. Well, the girls couldn’t find the bean, so we drew numbers instead. Guess who won? ME! Here I am:

Note the little celebration at the end. Hahahahaha

I think it’s fun to share memories like this and to go back in time. I saw all my classmates, and that was wonderful. I hope you at least enjoyed seeing me at age 10. That’s 1992-1993. Yeah, wow. I feel even older at the moment. But I am really glad I still have this tape, and that somehow, I still have a VCR.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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