Food frustrations

Hey, everyone! I am having a fairly good day, though I’m a bit tired because it took me forever to fall asleep last night. My mind was going a mile a minute, likely because yesterday was my first day back at work after a nice, long vacation.

So, I did gain two pounds over my birthday weekend, but I am glad to report today that I have lost those pounds! Yay! I am now eating lunch again. I had only been eating dinner, but my doctor says that was not good. So, I am eating lunch and dinner, but no snacks or junk food. I only drink unsweetened tea, black coffee, water and seltzer, so there are no added calories there. And I’m eating less at dinner. It all adds up to some nice weight loss! I used my new exercise mat today, as the humidity is at about 80 percent, and that’s not a healthy humidity to exercise in.

So, one of my newest issues, as anyone who is following my blog may remember, is that in the last year I developed a citrus intolerance. Do you know what has citric acid in it? Dang near everything! It’s been incredibly frustrating and itchy. (My reaction to citrus is a burning mouth and full-body itch.)

I had a lovely pork barbecue sandwich a week ago. My mouth was still burning an hour later (super mild, but I noticed it), and I was itchy all over. I couldn’t figure out what I ate that could have any citrus in it. Turns out, the barbecue sauce has citric acid in it. Turns out, it’s an additive used in a million things.

I did some reading, and apparently it’s an intolerance and not an allergy. I read that I should be fine if I accidentally ingest it. I am a little confused on some things, but I am going to talk to my doctor next month about it to find out what I can do.

In the meantime, my mom has been helping me out so much with that. She has been careful in buying food, of course. But she also made barbecue sauce and salad dressing for me! The barbecue sauce is one she has made since I was a kid, and she made a giant jar of it! And she made me salsa salad dressing! It’s so yummy.

Salsa salad dressing made by my mom. Isn’t it so pretty? It’s delicious too!

I feel guilty about my mom having to go out of her way to do this, but I am so grateful for it! I am hoping that the doctor will tell me it’s totally fine to eat a tiny bit of it, because it’s insane how many things have it. Every salad dressing we had in the house, honey mustard, even cans of tomato sauce and paste have it.

On a side note, I really wish I could go back in time to my old self and tell her to try new foods, because one day she will have so many food intolerances that she will miss out on a lot of yummy foods.

Well, I am going to go eat lunch now. A nice, basic, safe lunch! Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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