Good news, everyone!

Howdy! I am doing better today. I am hoping that “Futurama” fans read that title in Fansworth’s voice, hahaha.

So, I have not heard from my doctor yet concerning my lab tests. However, the results are in my patient portal, and — if I am reading them correctly — my liver tests came back normal. What a relief! I do not know what this means concerning the medication I take or anything else, but at least my liver seems to be OK. If I do not hear from the doctor today, I will message the office tomorrow.

So, that good news gave me some ambition yesterday, and I went for a crazy-long walk. Well, longer than I usually walk. I probably walked at least 2 miles, if not 3, around my neighborhood. I walked by some places that evoked some old memories, like my elementary school and a pond. I also walked through a park that rarely has any folks walking through it.

I need to get out there more often and walk. So, I started on my long walk when it was overcast. Then, when I was approaching this park, the sun came out. Oh wow, it got HOT. The shady trees were very welcome indeed, but then I had to leave the shade and get into the sun. I made it home, though. It was a really nice little celebratory walk!

But now my vacation is over, and I must wrap up here so I can get ready to work.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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