A shaky start

Howdy, folks. I woke up with a jolt today, and it wasn’t until later I found out why. There was a 5.1-magnitude earthquake that hit about 80 or so miles away. I haven’t seen any reports of injuries or damages, but I’ve seen plenty of posts of people who felt it.

I feel like that’s the closest one that I’ve experienced. I do remember the Virginia quake that hit in 2011, when I was living in Tennessee. I was in the living room, and I saw my knick-knacks and such swaying on the shelves. I was on the phone at the time, and said “Is that an earthquake?” not really believing it was. Then not 10 minutes later, I saw a report that said there was a quake. Really weird.

So, speaking of shaking, I’m really nervous about tomorrow. For those who don’t know, I got some bad blood tests back concerning my liver. I have an appointment tomorrow. I have not been doing well this week at all — just so many anxiety attacks. And the thing about anxiety attacks that really, really sucks is that when I’m having one, my thoughts go to “Is this an anxiety attack or something worse?” which just amplifies my anxiety.

I am really hoping that everything is OK and that there isn’t permanent damage to my liver. I am thinking that they may change my meds, which is also scary.

So, because of all the anxiety and fear that every twinge, every bruise, every little thing concerning my body is something just horrible, I have not been exercising much at all. I have been dieting, though, minus the birthday cake and ice cream I had.

As long as my results come back OK or everything works out and my doctor gives the OK, I will get back into exercising for sure. I was really into it, loving it and excited that I was seeing actual results. I got an exercise mat and a bicycle for my birthday, and why would I not use those? I just don’t want anyone thinking I’ve given up on anything. I’m just trying to be safe.

I didn’t used to have anxiety/panic attacks. My thoughts used to be “Whatever comes, I can handle it.” Then my dad died, and I sure couldn’t handle that. It totally threw me out of whack, and I didn’t go to therapy because I couldn’t afford it. So, instead, I developed extreme anxiety. It’s super fun. Sigh.

Wish me luck tomorrow. Until next time!

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