What a day, what a day, what a day

Hello, all. I had a great day yesterday, mostly. Today is my birthday eve eve eve eve eve …. hahaha.

So, I’ll start off by saying that I decided to almost torture myself yesterday. My brother came by, and he had bought me an orange cream shake. And I was so excited, that I completely forgot about my citrus allergy. (For those who don’t know, I developed a citrus allergy in the last year.) So, I grabbed it, and I was about a second away from drinking it, when my mom said, “Can you have that?” And I probably had a look of horror on my face when I said “NO!”

So, I was insanely close to giving myself a terrible allergic reaction on my birthday because my excitement took over my brain. My brother had also brought a vanilla shake, so I had that one. It was really good! I hadn’t had a shake since the beginning of June.

My sister also came by earlier that day. (We were all careful regarding COVID-19.) My sister gave me an exercise mat, so now I can do floor exercises such as crunches, and my brother brought the shake and some flowers!

For dinner, my mom cooked steak on the grill, and yummmmmm. I also said that my birthday was my cheat day, so aside from the shake, I also had peanut butter chocolate ice cream earlier in the day and birthday cake!

Most of the day was really good, but I did not feel well for several hours. It was mostly just a lot of anxiety regarding those liver test results, but it was other stuff too. I did end up feeling better in the evening, thankfully. All in all, it was a really great day!

Until next time!

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