It’s my birthday!

Hey, everyone! I’m actually writing this late Thursday night so I can just have a fun day on my birthday Friday.

I’m turning 38. Eek! Nearing 40. I really can’t believe how old I am sometimes. I feel like I wast just 28. Or 18. But even though I feel old on my birthday, I love celebrating it. And every year, I take it off from work — except once, when a co-worker snuck in their holiday that week, and I couldn’t take the time off. That was a long work day. Blargh.

Well, I had a rough day Thursday. After I wrote the daily blog entry, I wasn’t able to do much else for the day. I was taken down by a combination of no lunch, depression an anxiety/panic attack concerning my liver — I had bloodwork done, and the results weren’t good. I have an appointment Monday.

So, at least until the appointment, I am putting a hold on the exercise, and I am going back to eating lunch. Don’t worry, folks, it’s just to be sure that I don’t harm my liver anymore than it already is. I am going to talk to the doctor about the diet and exercise to be sure it’s still OK for me to do.

I will definitely be sticking to eating healthy and not eating junk food. I don’t miss it, actually. I will be having some birthday cake, but that’s it. I hope no one thinks I’m quitting or anything like that. I’m not! But I am just terrified about my liver, and I don’t want to exacerbate anything. I got really worried on Thursday when I felt horrible most of the day. I was mostly light headed, but I could feel the anxiety taking hold of me as well.

I finally felt better later Thursday night, mostly because I watched some streams on Twitch to distract myself, which calmed my anxiety and stopped the panic attacks. And, of course, I had eaten.

So, anyway, I hope that my birthday itself is lots of fun. I am going to try not to let my liver results take over my brain for the day. I really hate having an autoimmune disease.

Until next time!

The Extra Frazzled Daisy


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