Something silly, something serious

Hello, all. I have a few things to talk about today. I’ll start off with the serious thing, which is I’m so worried about those liver test results I mentioned yesterday.

I don’t seem to have any symptoms of liver disease or anything, but now I’m questioning every twinge, every pop of pain, every itch. I’m nearly constantly looking at my eyes to see if they’re yellow. I’m looking at my skin to see if it’s yellow. I had a stomach ache Tuesday night and wondered if that was a symptom.

I am trying so hard to just ignore the situation because there’s nothing I can do until my appointment Monday, but obviously that’s nearly impossible to do. I mean, I feel fine. But after 19 years with this autoimmune condition, I’ve also gotten used to ignoring pain. So, am I having pain that I’m just not noticing? I’m glad I’m not working this week, because my brain would really be elsewhere.

So, on a more fun note, I did do something a bit silly yesterday. There is a guy on Twitch who streams art (and cooking and gaming sometimes), and every other Wednesday (Thursday for him, he’s in New Zealand), he does a fan request stream. So, I was first in line to request a drawing, and I chose a snake in a party hat for my birthday.

Snake in a party hat by Ben Van Lier

The streamer’s name is Ben Van Lier. His Twitch: And his Insta: He’s a fun guy, and his chats are a lot of fun, too. And he did give me permission to share his drawing. If you watch his streams, be aware that he is mostly known for his work with Viva La Dirt League, so a lot of the conversation in chat is about that. (Check them out:

Anyhoo, I really had a blast taking part in that last night. Other fan requests included random things like a dragon fruit and a dolphin. Someone requested a drawing of just an egg, which turned the chat into the most egg pun-filled conversation ever. It was a riot. I really needed all that laughter to help my mood, and it was so fun to interact with other people. So, something silly, but it was fun.

On another note, I did finally start writing the book I mentioned a while ago. I got four chapters written yesterday. Hopefully, I can find motivation to keep going!

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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