Ready for a staycation

Howdy, folks. I’m wicked excited today! After my shift today, I have nine days off from work! Yayyyyyy! I have lots of plans, pretty much all of which involve being at home, of course.

Well, I’ll start off by saying that I hit 29 pounds today. I am now 11 pounds away from my first weight loss goal. I think I finally feel comfortable saying that when I started this in February (with a few months break until starting up again in June), I weighed 230 pounds. I found out at my doctor’s appointment in February and simply could not believe I had gained 40 pounds since moving here. So, I’m down to 201! Much better, though still far away from my goal of 160 and my fantasy goal of 140. But 29 pounds is nothing to scoff at.

So, my goals for this break include sticking to exercising and dieting, both of which will be a bit of a challenge since I’ll have “vacation” in my brain.

I also want to finish a project I started a couple months ago: cleaning out this one room in the house that became a “catch-all” kind of room. I started cleaning it out, then lots of things happened, and I got side-tracked.

I found out last week that my job is even closer to being cut, so I’ve got to go full force into tackling that problem. I need to do some more research into switching careers, and I need to absolutely find something that I can do while working from home. I wish I had the option to work outside the home, but the pandemic has made that impossible for now.

I also want to get started on writing this book. I have written out character descriptions, and I have a basic outline. But I have got to get to writing! I love writing, but I have always been too afraid to write a book. Fear of failure and all that. Even if I end up writing it just for myself, then so be it. No reason to not do something I enjoy.

And I want to go to the local park. I think I could handle doing that, as long as it isn’t crowded. If there are too many people, I’ll just turn right around and go home. At the very least, I can take a longer walk around my neighborhood. But I really want to go to the park.

And my birthday is Friday. That is my cheat day. I am going to have cake! And I probably won’t exercise that day.

Until next time! When I’ll officially be on vacation!

The Frazzled Daisy


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