So many temptations when dieting

Howdy, folks. I’m going to start off by saying my legs feel like jello, but that just means the bike rides are giving me a good workout. I still can’t do hills, but I know I will get there eventually. I kept my balance much better today, especially after I lowered the bike seat.

Now, onto the diet! Well, I did hit 28 pounds today, so I’m closing in on 30 finally. First goal, though, is 40 pounds, which is how much I gained after moving here. So, I’ve been intermittent fasting. I would say 90 percent of the days since June 14 I have only eaten dinner. There were a few days scattered in there when I ate lunch, mainly because I wasn’t feeling too great that day and needed the energy.

Well, I haven’t been eating snacks or junk food. The only thing I really, really miss is ice cream. Oh, ice cream. I saw an ad for Dairy Queen’s Blizzard and uuuuggggghhhhhhhh I wanted one so badly. But I have resisted the urge.

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Not sure why I decided to add this photo to torment myself, but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

When I’ve dieted in the past, the simplest way for me to not eat junk was to simply not buy junk. Well, I live with my mom, and she eats snacks — absolutely nothing wrong with her doing that. But, it means that there is junk food in the house. So, my willpower has to be stronger than just not buying stuff. (It was really easy to not buy junk when I couldn’t afford it anyway.) But I did not have that willpower, and I still struggle with it now. I have found myself wandering the kitchen after I’m done working. I open the fridge, take a look … and somehow, I close the fridge and basically run to my room. “NO!” I scream in my head.

I think part of the willpower comes from not wanting to fail publicly, and part of it is that I feel really healthy right now. I really want that to continue, and I want that to be the main motivator, not the failure thing.

As for what I’m drinking: I drink unsweetened ice tea, black coffee, water — which if anyone knows me is amazing because I never drank water before — and flavored sparkling water (aka seltzer, depending on the brand). I see posts online of people saying “Ugh, how can anyone drink that crap?” And to them, I say, give seltzer a chance. It’s an acquired taste, but it’s just carbonated water and flavoring. No calories, etc. It’s a great thirst quencher, and it takes the place of regular soda. I drink it to combat the hunger cravings after work as well.

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I used to not drink water at all. It actually would make me sick to my stomach. I still can’t drink it with food, but I do drink it at other times.

And what I’m eating: Well, I eat whatever Mom makes me! She always makes really good and fairly healthy dinners. The main change I’ve made at dinner isn’t what I’m eating but how much I’m eating. Before, I would let Mom get her food first, then basically take the rest for myself most of the time. I ate way too much, but her cooking is fantastic.

Now, there are leftovers. And, actually, she has started cooking fewer servings. So, for example, instead of three pork chops, there are two. And I have been eating only until I am full. I am not going, “Just four more bites.” If there are four more bites, and I’m full, that’s it. I’m done. Because of all this as well, we’re saving money on groceries, so that’s a nice plus.

I will say, though, that my birthday is next week, and I will probably have junk food on that day. I mean, it’s my birthday.

Oh yeah, on a side note: You may remember me saying that I found out I’m allergic to oranges. Well, it looks like it’s all citrus. Accidentally had some lemon juice that was on the fish I ate last night, and I had a reaction. So, there goes one of my favorite foods/flavors. Oh well.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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