Finally, some progress

Hi! I’m really excited today. For the first time, I have finally noticed some progress with exercising.

So, yesterday afternoon, I did some yard work. I trimmed a bunch of trees and took all of the branches from the bottom of the back yard up the hill to the road. I took about eight trips with a wheelbarrow and three trips with just armfuls of branches. Well, I almost got heat exhaustion. That sounds pretty terrible, but it was because I wasn’t tired. At all.

Two months ago, I would have had to have taken a ton of breaks, and I doubt I would have finished the chore at all. And it would have been the only thing I would have been able to do for the day. It would have exhausted me, and it would have made me so sore and been so painful.

But yesterday, I didn’t get tired. I wasn’t huffing and puffing. I wasn’t sore. I wasn’t in any pain. My knees didn’t hurt. I wasn’t tired afterward. I had just an incredible amount of energy. I felt better after doing yard work yesterday than I have felt in YEARS. YEARS, y’all. I have chronic pain, and I wasn’t in pain yesterday. And you know what? I’m not sore today, either. OK, well, my legs are a tiny bit sore, but that is actually from the bike rides. But, it’s a TINY bit, and it’s just because I was using muscles I hadn’t been.

I got crazy hot for sure. But not tired. I was just really excited because it is honestly the first time I’ve noticed that the daily exercise is doing anything at all. I had no idea what to expect or how long any kind of progress would take, as I’ve never done daily exercise in my adult life. To anyone hesitating or needing just a little push, know that for me, this progress only took six weeks. I could go back in time to my younger self and smack me for not getting into this so much sooner.

As for the weight loss, I am still at 26 pounds. I am trying really hard not to focus on the weight, as I know that I’m exercising, which means I’m building muscle. And that can make it seem like I’m not losing weight. But I do feel like I’ve lost weight.

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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