A little of this, a little of that

I have no set topic today, but I have several little things I’d like to talk about.

First, happy birthday eve to my mom! Because of the pandemic, I was unable to go out shopping for her. So I told her I wanted to get her an air fryer — she loves kitchen toys and cooking — and I told her to pick one out for herself and I would pay her for it. So, she did that yesterday, and she’s giddy about it — and so am I, honestly. She’s going to try it out tonight by making chicken and fries. Yay!

Second, she told me what she’s getting me for my birthday, so I could pick one out. She’s getting me a bicycle and helmet! I’m really excited. I’ve been thinking about getting one since I moved here in 2018, but I never did. What better time than when I’m getting into exercising? Eeeee! Now to see if I remember how. I know the saying of never forgetting how, but it’s me and it’s been probably 15-20 years since I’ve ridden a bike. I can’t wait to write about it when I get it!

Third, I was able to get out for a jog/walk today. I got up early — I have to start work early today — so I was able to get outside before it got hot. Plus, it’s supposed to rain, so it’s cloudy out. I am starting to wonder if it would be possible for me to get up and go jogging, then have coffee. Or maybe the jog would wake me up enough to where I don’t need coffee? I just am having a difficult time imagining myself jogging first. But maybe I’ll give it a try.

Thankfully, I got my jog in before the weather hit.

Fourth, well, this is all I have time for today. I have a work project that I have to clock in early for. Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy

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