Wow, one month already? Part 2

Today officially marks one month since I decided to try to change my life “one petal at a time.” Yesterday I talked mainly about exercise and dieting in an attempt to lose some weight. Today I’m going to talk about the smaller things I’ve changed.

I have not watched TV in a month. My routine was: Get up, have coffee while watching TV, eat lunch while watching TV, work with the TV on in the background, then watch TV for 4 to 5 hours after getting off work. I think maybe perhaps that was just a smidge too much TV. So, I turned it off on June 14. The only TV I watch now is whatever my mom is watching when I am in the living room with her. But the TV in my room has been off. So, I’ve gone from watching TV almost every moment of every day (at least on workdays) to maybe an hour or so of TV. I actually don’t miss it that much.

Instead, I’ve been trying to occupy my time with other things, some of which are kind of silly, but whatever. I started this blog June 30, which has been fun and therapeutic. I usually keep to myself, so putting myself and my life out in the public eye — even if it’s not that many people — has been very strange for me. But I love writing, and what better way to practice than keeping a blog? I have written an entry a day since June 30.

Me after setting up my new PC. This is where I write my blog every day. La dee da.

I am not a very social person, and that is also something I am trying to change. I like alone time, but I don’t fancy being lonely. With the pandemic and me being in isolation for almost four months, it’s difficult to meet people or do anything social. Before the pandemic, though, I was trying to make friends but realized I have no idea how to anymore. Pretty much the only friends I have are work friends — and they are great friends, don’t get me wrong! — but I would like to find friends my own age with similar interests.

Anyway, I’ve taken some steps to be more social. I have downloaded several apps — Twitch, Tumblr, Instagram, for example — and I’m working to actually post things and have conversations with folks to comment. I actually am really enjoying Twitch. It kind of sounds lame, but it is actually fun to watch people play video games or cook or just chat. I’ve talked with people around the world on there, and that is just a huge step for me. I only downloaded Tumblr last night, so I haven’t figured it out yet. I remember trying it a couple years ago, and it befuddled me. Next, I’ll have to try Twitter — something else that befuddled me a couple years ago. If anyone would like to explain these to me or give me some tips, please email or comment.

I also have been going to be early and getting up early. My schedule was: Up at noon, coffee, lunch, work, too much TV, bed at 4 a.m. Now my schedule is: Up between 9-10, coffee, exercise, blog, work (or other stuff if I’m not working), bed between 1-2 a.m.

I also did something that I’m not sure I’ll do anything with, but I wrote up a basic outline for a book. I love writing, and I’ve always wanted to write a book. But I don’t know how good it will be. I may just write it for myself.

So, to sum up on the changes I’ve made:
– Daily exercise
– Intermittent fasting diet
– Little to no TV
– This blog
– Being social online
– More productive sleep schedule

So, I’m really happy that I have made some progress. Hopefully, I can keep changing!

Until next time!

The Frazzled Daisy


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