Ah, my nemesis: Fatigue

Hoo, what a day. I woke up with some serious fatigue and have been battling it ever since. I went to bed super early last night because I was starting to feel it then. So, since it is foremost in my mind, I’m going to talk about struggling with fatigue. Fatigue is a major symptom of the autoimmune condition I have. (See: https://frazzleddaisy.blog/2020/07/05/what-the-health)

So, first off, I don’t suffer from it as much as I used to, thank goodness. I used to be fatigued every day. I would sleep for 12 hours and still be tired. Going to class in college or going to work was a challenge. Heck, getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom was a challenge. I really hate feeling like I could just close my eyes and immediately fall asleep for 12 hours after already sleeping for 12 hours. I hate that feeling of muscle weakness, of not being able to even make a fist.

So, thankfully, I don’t suffer from it that badly anymore, thanks in part to the fact that I don’t take the same meds I did when I had such horrible issues with it. But days like today still happen, and man oh man, it is such a challenge to not fall back asleep.

I almost didn’t exercise today, but I am super proud of myself because I somehow made it out the door and did my daily jog/walk. (Yes, I am calling it “daily” now because I’ve been exercising every day for at least two weeks!) I am also managing to somehow write this blog, and I still have to work later.

Fatigue has definitely impacted my life, though. There are so many activities I have wanted to do, but I wake up just too tired to do anything and end up watching TV or playing video games all day. I hate to think about all the stuff I’ve missed simply because I was just wiped out. I’ve canceled plans before because of it.

I have found, however, that once I get going for the day, the fatigue does lose its strength a bit. For example, now that I’ve had coffee, exercised and been out of bed for a couple hours, I am not having a problem keeping my eyes open. I am still really tired, but I’m doing better. I have found over the years that the first step to conquering fatigue is just getting out of bed. I am tired of letting fatigue (and GPA) run my life.

I also have a god-awful headache right now, which is really not helping. I am debating whether to eat something, which would impact my diet, so I can take some headache medicine or sticking it out a few more hours until dinner. I am stuck at the 25-pound weight loss plateau, so I’ll probably torture myself and wait until dinner.

The Frazzled Daisy


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