Surprise sickness

Howdy, folks. I am going to get through this blog post today as best I can. I woke up today feeling fine and went for a jog/walk. When I got back, I started not feeling great, and now I feel just horrible. I am taking a sick day, but I am determined to do a blog post every day, so here goes nothing.

So, I am working on trying new things, but seeing as I’m stuck at home, there isn’t all that much I can try. Well, yesterday I decided to try black coffee today. I wanted to eliminate the calorie intake from the creamer. I thought I’d be writing about how dreadful black coffee tastes and making all kinds of hilarious comments about how I wanted to spit it out or something. But shock of shocks, I liked it. I can’t believe it.

Me bracing for the taste.

So, I guess I’ll be drinking black coffee from now on. Fabulous!

On another topic, I found some classic games on Steam that I downloaded, and I am wicked excited about it. I am not a huge fan of all the new consoles and online games, with the costs, crazy requirements (memory, file size, etc.), constant updates and microtransactions. So, the most recent console I have is an XBox 360, and I am tired of playing the same games all the time. (I have played Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas at least 10 times each.)

So, when I got this computer, I wanted to see if there were any old games I could download. I didn’t buy the computer for games, but I’ll consider it a perk of owning a PC. So, I couldn’t believe it, but I found Wizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge — a game from 1990 and the first RPG I played — and Wolfenstein 3D — a game from 1992. In a bit of fun weirdness, I actually still had the game manual from Wizardry, and my mom recently found the game manual from Wolfenstein. I’m so excited to play these classics, and I can’t wait to find more! Oh, and the cost? Wolfenstein was $1.50, and Wizardry was $5. Just awesome.

Maybe I’ll start my own stream on Twitch if I can get a good webcam and figure out how to set all that up. Seems like most people on Twitch are playing recent games, so I bet it would be cool to play some crazy old games. I could at least entertain people when I jump every five seconds while playing Wolfenstein. Who knows if I’ll ever do a stream, but it would be fun.

OK, that’s all I can muster up today. I’m going to go get some juice and lie down now. Here’s to feeling better later.

The (extra) Frazzled Daisy


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