Moustaken identity

Here is a quick update on the mouse situation: not a mouse! It was, in fact, a mole. Never in a million years did I think a mole would get in my room, but there you go. I left the door open to let it out, and it actually got out! Then I went outside to look at it closer because I realized it wasn’t a mouse. In my fun of filming this dude and trying to chase it away, IT CRAWLED UNDER THE CLOSED SCREEN DOOR AND BACK IN MY ROOM. Thankfully, it did leave again later, and this time I did NOT film it!

In the process of all that, I let a bee in my room, so that was fun. Then during a Zoom work meeting, a spider decided to show up, and I frantically thwacked the heck out of it with a notepad, then a shoe. Too much nature in my room yesterday.

Onto what I really wanted to talk about: I am on Week 2 of exercising and dieting. Today was Day 7 of actually exercising. There are just some days when I feel like crap and can barely walk let alone exercise.

Quick weight backstory: I have always struggled with my weight. I eat when I’m stressed, and I’m always freaking stressed. I moved in with my mom in 2018, and I gained 40 pounds. She is such a good cook! (I do not blame her at all; it is entirely my fault.) Anyhoo, my knees are now making horrible noises, I can barely do anything without becoming winded and I all around feel blah.

I have always used the stress excuse for not dieting. As for exercising, I have an autoimmune condition, and that was always my excuse for not exercising. Well, I’m tired of excuses.

So, I am hoping to actually lose weight this time. I am hoping by announcing it to the world (or the few people who actually read this), that I will stick to it so I am not a public failure. I started this whole thing in February and did manage to lose some weight, but then the pandemic hit, and ugh.

I am including the February weight loss, though, because it makes me feel better. I have lost 22 pounds. I forgot to weigh myself today. I weigh myself in the morning, and it involves thinking and remembering, so I forget sometimes. But I did go for a run/walk today. It is the fifth or sixth time I’ve done that, and I am really proud of myself because I NEVER run. I always used the “bad knees” excuse. So many excuses.

Well, I’m going to close here. Not quite as exciting as Mole Day, but I’m really glad that I’ve been working on actually doing something every day instead of lying around watching TV.

Until next time!


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